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Soto's Translation Dump

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21 October
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  • konnyakuhonyaku@livejournal.com
KonnyakuHonyaku was created solely to satisfy elfsoto's late-night OCD urge to have all the stuff she translates in one place. The name seemed like a good idea at the time. ("Konjac jelly translations"??? I should never be allowed to name anything, ever)

I obsess over Saiyuki, but if there's anything else you'd like to me to translate for you, poke me with whatever it is and I'll see what I can do. I'm okay with pretty much anything: any series, format, genre... except for drama CD sex scenes (I'm over 18, I just feel stupid transcribing the moans). Just be warned: I may not get to it right away, depending on my schedule and my fickle fickle temperament X3

Downloads... I try to post links to the tracks or images, but my Internet connection doesn't always play along. Usually those downloads will be friends-locked, but friend or poke me and I'll friend you back.

Aaaaaand, all the Saiyuki stuff is cross-posted to saiyuki, and the Cafe Kichi stuff to sukekiyo_corner

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