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The List, that will be completed in random order

Saiyuki doujin: Iromono
Saiyuki Offroad: p64-end
Saiyuki Reload Blast PV
Saiyuki doujin: Love x2

anything else?

I've moved

I'm not dead yet! But this LJ kinda is. I'll be keeping all my old translations up, but I will not be posting or friending anyone back here.

Instead, come follow me on Tumblr: soto-translates.tumblr.com

New translations will be posted there, along with links to drama CDs (when I find time).

Thank you for all your support <3

How to Make Cloth Slippers (2/2)

Part 2 of the cloth slipper tutorial from Usaccha at Yume Hiroi Harappa

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How to Make Cloth Slippers (1/2)

If anyone's ever wanted to have hand-made Sanzo sandals for cosplay, here's a neat tutorial from Usaccha at Yume Hiroi Harappa!

 SotoNote: All text and images are from 「夢ひろい原っぱ」[yume hiroi harappa, field of dreams]. Also, Soto is from Hawaii and uses ‘slippers’ instead of ‘flip flops’.

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Saiyuki Crossroaders 3/3

Took be a while, but here's the last bit of what Minekura Sensei has up on the Zero Sum website

First bit of translation
Second bit of translation

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Saiyuki Crossroaders 2/3

Continuing the Saiyuki Crossroaders translation from the Zero Sum website...

Previous bit

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Next bit

Saiyuki Crossroaders 1/3

Hello! I'm finally done with my last semester of college, and slowly easing back into translating things (^_^) Please bear with me while I get back into the translate-y groove.

Here's the first bit of Saiyuki Crossroaders, the online novel Minekura Sensei is posting on the Zero Sum website.

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Next bit

Soto Note

Hallo everybody, sorry for the lack of posts and replies. I am reading all the comments you leave and smiling like a loon for the rest of the day after, but Real Life has kept me from replying like I usually do. Unfortunately, Real Life will probably be keeping me busy at least until May when I (finally) graduate so, as sad as I am about it, Konnyaku Honyaku will be going on hiatus for a while. I'll still be around if anyone has questions about my translations or translating in general, but I won't be putting up any new translations. Sorry to everyone I've promised a translation to. Please accept a rain check and my heartfelt apologies?
You can check my personal blog if you want to make sure I'm still alive, and poke me through that one too...

Saiyuki Doujinshi: Sugar Baby Love

Here's some 39 smut to celebrate the holidays XD
Apparently this is book 4 in the Love Revolution series, which I think also includes Love Revolution, Curry Rice Man, and... Genjyoke no Shokutaku? Maybe? In some order. At any rate, it's Sanzo and Goku's 1 year marriage anniversary, so of course, it is NOT WORK-SAFE. Enjoy

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Saiyuki Offroad p62-63

Happy Holidays everybody!

Here's the start of the Round Table Talk featuring Minekura Kazuya and her assistants, Seino Katsuya, Mizutani Yuzu, and Suzuki Jirou. It helps to have Saiyuki vol. 7-9 on hand as you read, but not necessary. And I have to apologize, because despite the help of several people from the Saiyuki community, I still can't find a copy of these pages with a high enough resolution to allow me to read the notes at the bottom of the pages. I tried my best, but about a third of the words are missing from my translation. If I ever find a copy I can read, I'll come back and fix the notes.

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Saiyuki 1999 Postcard booklet

This is the old postcard booklet, not the new one. You can tell because they mention cassette tapes XD

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